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Laser Cataract Surgery

Removal of Cataract, the opacified natural lens of the eye, is by far the most common eye surgery in the world. Almost every third person in the population will require this procedure at some point in life. Though significant strides have been made to improve cataract surgery in last few decades, nothing compares to the transformation that LRCS is about to bring according to many experts. If you want to be part of history by being the first to take advantage of this technology, Wavikar Eye Institute is the place to be!

Laser Lens Replacement

LenSx™ can also be used for Laser Lens Replacement, also known as Clear Lens Exchange or Refractive Lens Exchange. This procedure is useful for patients with very high refractive errors (Spectacle power) more that which can be corrected safely by LASIK. Thanks to the superior accuracy, safety and predictability of Femtosecond Laser, the results experienced by the patients will be on a different level altogether!

The Road Ahead... will LenSx™ be the future?

Most experts in the field believe that the safety and precision of Femtosecond Laser is hard to match however proficient one is in performing manual surgery. The confidence with which one can predict and achieve superior surgical outcome will no doubt make this the procedure of choice in the years to come.

Are You the Right Candidate?

LenSx™ LRCS can be availed by anyone who comes to Wavikar Eye Institute in Thane, near Mumbai, India.

Even though it costs only as much as bladeless Lasik Surgery it is more beneficial in certain clinical situations like subluxated cataract, pseudo-exfoliation syndrome, mature cataract, poorly dilating pupils etc. Due to wide ranging clinical applications as well as high level of predictability, safety and precision, this technique ultimately will be useful for each and every patient in coming years compared to conventional cataract surgery.

Quick Consultation

    Why You Should Choose WAVIKAR EYE INSTITUTE?

    At LensX- WAVIKAR EYE INSTITUTE, we recognize your need for healthy vision and are also aware that you have a specific need. This is why, we offer Regular Eye Check-ups comprising a basic series of tests, as well as a Comprehensive Eye Check-up for corporates, professionals, and others comprising a more detailed examination.