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The Cutting Edge

The Game Changing Moment in Cataract Surgery

Though science is ever changing, only rarely does it provide us with a tool so powerful that it has the potential to transform the very core of our profession. Think what IPod did to personal music players and you’ll know what LRCS will do to cataract surgery! Femtosecond Laser Surgery, used on millions of eyes the world over for Bladeless LASIK surgery, can now be used for cataract and Lens Exchange Surgery.

And FIRST to bring this technology to India (and in fact, to Asia) is Wavikar Eye Institute!

What is LRCS?

LRCS means Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery. This revolutionary tool gives the cataract surgeon an unprecedented level of precision and predictability to execute significant parts of cataract and Lens Exchange Surgery. The Femtosecond Laser provides such control and safety that with LenSx™ LRCS becomes literally Least Risk Cataract Surgery!

Unmatched Precision

Lensx™ performs the first three steps of cataract surgery – the Corneal Incision, Capsulorhexis and Lens Fragmentation using a live image guided Femtosecond Laser, which till now was done  manually. As these are the most critical steps of cataract surgery which decide the ultimate outcome, the High Level of Predictability and Control brought by Laser enhances the surgeon’s ability to optimize the results.

The Fourth Dimension

In addition to the above three steps the machine can also perform Arcuate Incisions which help the surgeon in treating any residual cylindrical number after cataract surgery. The Lensx machine makes these cuts but they are kept sealed. Approximately 2 weeks after cataract surgery if the patient is left with a minor cylindrical number these incisions can be opened to get rid of that number thereby giving the patient maximum vision without glasses.

Quick Consultation

    Why You Should Choose WAVIKAR EYE INSTITUTE?

    At LensX- WAVIKAR EYE INSTITUTE, we recognize your need for healthy vision and are also aware that you have a specific need. This is why, we offer Regular Eye Check-ups comprising a basic series of tests, as well as a Comprehensive Eye Check-up for corporates, professionals, and others comprising a more detailed examination.