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The Laser Advantage

Image Guided Laser, Fully Integrated Platform

LenSx™  executes the first three steps of cataract and lens replacement surgery- corneal incisions, capsulotomy (removal of the lens cap) and the lens fragmentation in under 2 minutes through a customizable, 3D surgical platform. This revolutionary tool standardizes these steps for a wide variety of clinical situations thereby producing amazing results even in the most challenging scenarios.

Unparalleled Precision, Safety and Reproducibility

The remarkable interface of LenSx™ facilitates a three dimensional view of the eye while performing computer controlled manoeuvres. This creates a safe environment where most complicated steps of the surgery are complete even before the patient enters the operation theatre and that too without touching or opening the eye with any instrument! The program allows excellent flexibility to suit the requirements of every patient to produce the same outcome.

Clinically Proven Results

LenSx™ comes to you only after going through the tough grind of testing in both USA and Europe. This means you can rest assured that this technology is fully tested and proven to be safe. Currently, LenSx™is the only equipment to receive FDA approval for all three steps of the cataract and refractive lens exchange procedures, as well as TGA approval in Australia.

Most importantly it is available NOW at Wavikar Eye Institute, India.

Quick Consultation

    Why You Should Choose WAVIKAR EYE INSTITUTE?

    At LensX- WAVIKAR EYE INSTITUTE, we recognize your need for healthy vision and are also aware that you have a specific need. This is why, we offer Regular Eye Check-ups comprising a basic series of tests, as well as a Comprehensive Eye Check-up for corporates, professionals, and others comprising a more detailed examination.